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Stamping Cable Protector

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Four-point friction pad gripping system as per API piping spec. Triple progressive contact pads on the channel are for gripping the cable more efficiently.


Stamping cable protector is designed to fit over the coupling to convey, secure cables and control lines in and out of the wellbore quickly, safely and efficiently. It is made from reusable galvanized materials.


  • Carbon steel material (JISG 3131 SPHC) and can withstand 400℉

  • Four-point friction pad gripping system engineered to meet API Piping Spec prevents 

     over-gripping cables

  • Deformation of flat friction pads during installation prevents damage to the cables/flat 

     packs/control lines, resisting slipping and rotation

  • Triple progressive contact pads on the channel are designed to grip the cable more efficiently


  • Professional engineering support team

  • Size range is 2 3/8"–9 5/8"

  • Can be configured for both round and flat ESP Cables, SSSV’s, Chemical injection lines,

     Smart Well TEC’s and Fibre Optics

  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Mechanical tools for choice of installation

  • Alternative Design and Materials available to order