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Sea freight of single piece casing accessory on week 46

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"The sharp drop in shipping costs between the United States and China" made headlines in October. This illusion was caused by factors such as China's power rationing and Golden Week. However, this does not mean the end of high cost of trans-Pacific transportation. According to reports, the spot exchange rate of US importers is still abnormally high, and there is no real sign of a sharp drop. Hopes of lower shipping costs were postponed to the Lunar New Year of China in February at the earliest.

Compared with the last week, the sea freight for single piece of one piece centralizer and rigid centralizer from Qingdao Port to Los Angeles Port has increased this week, and the freight from Qingdao to Houston Port has decreased. 

For detailed information, refer to the table below:

casing centralizers-Newland

Weekly Update Sheet of Sea Freight for Single Product 46.pdf