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ASLO® is our patented product with advantage of single spring steel design and unique stress relief blade. It’s widely used in under reamed and close tolerance applications.


ASLO® is a premium centralizer designed for optimum performance in under reamed and close tolerance applications. The single piece design with integrated stress relief blade profiles, allows the centralizer blades to flex in tight restrictions, yet return to OD giving restoring force that exceeds API standards. 

According to the operating conditions of different oil wells, we use different shapes and lengths of stress relief grooves on different section and position of each blade to achieve the product's best performance. We can meet the requirements of customers in different operating conditions.


  • Single piece, spring steel design>

  • Unique blade profile-stress relief blade features

  • Low running force. High restoring forces with excellent standoff

  • Competent and consistent performance. Exceeds API test standards

  • Perfect elastic recovery after extreme compression

  • Patented product


  • Professional engineering support team

  • Size range is 4 1/2”-30”. Any special sizes can be made available upon request 

  • New size designed and tested within 2-3 weeks