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Alternative to casting cable protector-the most popular cable protector for the next generation

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cable protector-Newland

Stamping Heavy Duty Cable Protector is a new product developed by Newland Industrial Co., Ltd. with full intellectual property rights. Currently it's the best alternative to casting protectors under the increasingly serious environmental problems. This new product combines the advantages of both stamping cable protector and casting cable protector. It is strong, light, handy and easy to fit. 



cable clamp-Newland

  Bolt connection makes the fitting easy and quick.

     It is safe and reliable.

█  No casting needed, so there is no environmental issues in production.

     It is eco-friendly.

  Manufacturing process is very efficient and suitable for mass production.

█  Made of 4-6mm thickness high strength steel sheet, which has very high

     tensile strength.

  It has higher impact strength than casting clamp, and can prevent impact

    breakage in down hole. Very safe in operation.


All grades of carbon steel, stainless steel 410, 304 , 316.


Using unique insert, including steel insert and flexed insert, can secure your cables properly. Steel insert is suitable for high strength large cables. Flexed insert is suitable for thinner, smaller tube or control lines.

stamping cable protector-Newland

█  Steel insert is used for large and thick cables. casting cable protector-Newland

Tightened by bolts, it uses the slight deformation of cables to grip them tightly. 

   For some thinner control lines or hollow injection lines,  since these lines are weak and fragile, we use flexed polyurethane inserts to secure them. The deformation of flexed material is helpful to grip the lines. This avoids the damage of those fragile lines.                                    

stamping heavy duty cable protector-Newland

Heavy duty cable protector-Newland